Building server-side web applications with htmx

Spring Boot


Mi. 9:50 - 10:35 Uhr | 2024

Spring is typically only used for JSON API backend development, while the web frontend is built with a JavaScript framework.

htmx enables us to create interactive web applications with server-side rendered templates without JavaScript.

In this talk you will get an introduction to htmx and server-side rendering with Spring.

You will learn to use patterns you know and love from building backends to create a full-stack application with reusable components.

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Thomas Schühly

Thomas Schühly

My server-side rendering journey started as a developer trying to make life easier while developing his first bootstrapped product in his free time. Creating Spring ViewComponent enabled me to be the youngest Speaker at the largest European Spring conference while also enabling me to build awesome software full-time with my open-source library.