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Coaching Autism Traits in Tech


Mi. 16:40 - 17:25 Uhr | 2024

Autism, Autism Spectrum is a condition where the brain of a person works different. With different I mean: not worse nor better. Just different connections wired in the brain. Predictions, behavior, communication, social interaction, and more are different.

In this talk I will explain how autism works, what the traits are and how you can coach people with autism in tech. I explain how the different traits can manifest. I will talk about the underlying patterns and layers, and how traits that at first sight are a disadvantage can be an advantage in the right context. I teach you coaching techniques helping you to change the context. If you change the context, you change the outcome.

I will also explain how you can coach yourself if you have autism. This is because coaching can come from external resources, but also from within. If you start to know yourself from the inside, you start seeing patterns what works in which scenario. This is a very powerful tool to be more productive, more happy and more successful in life.

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Dennie Declercq

Dennie Declercq

Dennie works at DDSoft an nonprofit connecting the IT industry with the social industry. Dennie is a Microsoft MVP and is expert in Accessibility.