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How to run and optimize Spring Boot 3 application on AWS Lambda

Spring Boot


Mi. 14:30 - 15:15 Uhr | 2024

In this talk I will present and compare several options of how to run Spring Boot 3 application on AWS Lambda using AWS Serverless Java Container, Spring Cloud Function, AWS Lambda Web Adapter and Custom Docker Image. I’ll also discuss strategies how to optimize cold start of such Lambda function with AWS Custom Lambda Runtime based on GraalVM Native Image and AWS own offering SnapStart based on Firecracker microVM snapshot and restore and CRaC (Coordinated Restore at Checkpoint) runtime hooks. Is Spring Boot native support of CRaC also a potential optimization? I’ll also present various (SnapStart) priming techniques to reduce the cold start even further.

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Vadym Kazulkin

Vadym Kazulkin

Vadym Kazulkin is Head of Development at ip.labs GmbH, a 100% subsidiary of the FUJIFLM Group, based in Bonn. ip.labs is the world’s leading white label e-commerce software imaging company. Vadym has been involved with the Java ecosystem for over twenty years. His focus and interests currently include the design and implementation of highly scalable and available applications, Serverless and AWS Cloud. Vadym is the co-organizer of the Java User Group Bonn meetup and AWS Community Builder in the Serverless category and a frequent speaker at various Meetups and conferences.