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What Project Amber offers for developers
Core Java Enhancements


Do. 15:35 - 16:20 Uhr | 2022

Java’s language features are considered aged and very ceremonial. Verbose source code and workarounds for missing features are the results. It reduces the readability, comprehensibility, and – last, but not least – the productivity of Java developers. The OpenJDK project Amber attacks these weaknesses of Java with unspectacular JEPs. They only show their full potential in combination and are significant steps for developer productivity. In this talk, I will show you the results of project Amber and upcoming features. I demonstrate the potential of the new language features in combination.

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Merlin Bögershausen

Merlin Bögershausen

Merlin is Java Developer for 10 years now. He has a fable for the power of new language features and small technology stacks. But his true love remains gliding and roof gardening with his child.