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The Current State of Apache Maven 4 – Development

Maven Open-Source Development
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Ausgefallen | 2023

In the meantime, there is already an Apache Maven version 4.0.0 (still in alpha) stage, but it is interesting that the number of users is very manageable.
I would like to present the different improvements of Apache 4.0.0 with the help of examples.
What improvements and customizations have been made so far in Apache Maven 4.0.0 and what are the advantages of the new major release compared to Maven 3.X ?
For example, points such as consumer vs. build pom. Or the improvement of the reactor behavior, especially for multi-module builds.
The question is what possibilities, the consumer vs. build POM approach offers. What improvements Reactor improvements offer?
Why is there a Maven 3.9.X release at all? Why not 4.0.0 directly?
The talk will be expanded to include topics that could potentially break backwards compatibility.
We will also take a look at the project structure of the Apache Maven project, to get an overview of the different areas of the project.

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Karl Heinz Marbaise

Karl Heinz Marbaise

Karl Heinz Marbaise works as a freelance DevOps in the Java environment. This includes developments in Java (Spring Boot, JUnit Jupiter, etc.) and the development of tools for process support in Go. In the area of build and configuration management (Maven, Jenkins, Nexus, Git) he has been conducting trainings for years. In his spare time he works on various open source projects including the Apache Maven project. He gives talks on various topics at different events.