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Web analytics streaming with OpenTelemetry 

Kafka Streams


Do. 14:30 - 15:15 Uhr | 2023

Analytics data is essential feedback to align and improve your application. Data is often gathered by 3rd party client side tooling.  With new regulations and blocking technologies (rightfully) in place, this tooling is getting less effective. But what if you can re-use our proven application tracing systems for web analytics with great coverage? I will present a streaming approach using the OpenTelemetry protocol with Kafka Streams and we will discover the opportunities and limitations of this approach.

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Steffen Renz

Steffen Renz

Steffen Renz ist Senior Software Engineer bei Porsche Digital und seit über 10 Jahren in der IT aktiv. Seine Schwerpunkte liegen in resilienten Designs von Systemen und einer nachhaltigen Organisation.