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To the cloud with crosswind

Breaking down a monolith to microservices with the strangler pattern


Do. 11:10 - 11:55 Uhr | 2023

In the past few years, many of you likely encountered the situation, where the company you work for or your client decide they are shifting to a cloud strategy and your project must comply with this change sooner or later. In the beginning this might sound like great news, you get the chance to give your project new life; you have the opportunity to use new technologies and generally can apply what you have learned from past mistakes. In many agile projects though, business stakeholders will tell you that putting exclusive focus on the technical and architectural change is not possible. In this session, I will talk about how to achieve the cloud transformation of a productive monolithic application, all while developing existing features and implementing new functionality. I begin with the process of designing the new microservice architecture using Domain Driven Design and talk about the cases where a microservice architecture is a viable solution. Moving forward to the critical aspect of dealing with the monolith, I will break down the concepts of the Strangler pattern. I will talk about how to decide on the features to break out of the monolith, how to deal with new requirements and how to find synergies between these new requirements and the development of new microservices. In the context of a productive launch, I will speak about the strategies for QA and zero-downtime migration options for your new microservices. Finally, I will tackle the human aspect. How to prepare developers and stakeholders to the new status quo and how the organization needs to evolve around the new architecture for a successful transformation.

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Alin Vulparu

Alin Vulparu

I am a Java developer for 12 years with my main focus on Java Enterprise back-end development. With time I’ve noticed I have a knack for understanding complex systems and have thus shifted my attention to architecture and the evolution of complex systems over time. In my spare time I enjoy hiking and landscape photography.